Is Record Collecting Abnormal?

People collect all manner of things: stamps, coins, Air Jordans, Pokémon cards, matchbooks, comic books, paintings, wine, Pyrex bowls, guitars, baseball cards, seashells, rocks, antique ukuleles, books, Funko toys, foreign currency, basketball jerseys, baseball caps, classic cars, Beanie Babies, dolls, World War II memorabilia, pocket watches, action figures, “Star Wars” memorabilia, Happy Meal toys, concertContinue reading “Is Record Collecting Abnormal?”

The Vinyl Revival and Status in the Age of Social Media

Note: The title of this post sounds dangerously like that of an academic paper. However, it is far from it. I have not researched the literature on this topic and am only using anecdotal evidence based on my own observations. The night after I wrote it, I learned about the book “Vinyl Age” by MaxContinue reading “The Vinyl Revival and Status in the Age of Social Media”